Unbreakable Rule No. 4

Last in a series on The 4 Unbreakable Rules of Democratic Campaigning

Rule No. 4: Fight for your beliefs.

Democrats must stand their ground. They must speak with unwavering conviction. They should not waver, dissemble, or apologize. Being a proud Democrat also means Democratic candidates must not abandon the president or the party, as happened in the midterms. That doesn’t mean candidates can’t be strategic or can’t legitimately disagree with Democratic orthodoxy on particular issues, but it does mean candidates have to decide what they believe and then fight for it—consistently and passionately. If candidates don’t think the Democratic message will play in their purple or red districts, then they are telling the wrong message. Democrats are the party of:

  • Workers
  • American values like fairness, equality, and freedom of conscience
  • Moral and religious values like helping the poor
  • Progress
  • Keeping America strong (rather than shrinking America with drastic budget cuts)
  • Meeting our responsibilities at home and abroad
  • Responsible financial leadership
  • Improving the lives of average Americans
  • Giving a voice to American workers and families
  • Championing the poor and the voiceless

That’s a message that should play anywhere.

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