WINNING ISSUE #4: The Growing Inequality Between the Rich and Everyone Else

(Fourth in a series on the Top 5 Winning Issues for Democrats)

The shocking growth of income inequality isn’t just a message for Bernie Sanders. It’s a potent, populist issue for every Democratic candidate, and one that will resonate will almost everyone—liberal, conservative, or moderate—by appealing to Americans’ basic sense of fairness and our instinct to fight for the underdog. It also presents a stark contrast between the policies and values of Democrats and Republicans.

The messages:

The contrasts:

  • Democrats are the only ones talking about income inequality. Nothing will get done about the problem until Democrats are elected.
  • Democratic policies focus on helping workers and the poor.
  • Democrats will raise the minimum wage.
  • Democrats will fight cuts in food stamps.
  • Democrats strongly support unions.
  • Democrats support sick pay for every worker.
  • Democrats have always fought for the underdog.
  • We believe that all of us are created equal. We represent the deeply held American values of equality and fairness.


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