WINNING ISSUE #5: The Consequences of Conservatism

(Last in a series on the Top 5 Winning Issues for Democrats)

This winning message is closely related to the first winning message: that the Republican Party is completely dysfunctional and incapable of leading a 21st-century superpower. But beyond that, voters need to be reminded what life under an ultraconservative government would look like. Here are specific ways to get that point across:

The messages:

  • Modern ultraconservatism is not a philosophy of greatness. It is a philosophy of smallness, diminishment, meanness of spirit, stinginess, narrow-mindedness, rigid thinking, and fiscal incompetence.
  • All the Republican tax-cut proposals would explode the deficit, as they have twice before under Reagan and Bush.
  • The Republican budget would require devastating cuts to social services and programs that are part of what makes us a great nation:
    • Scientific research and space exploration
    • Programs to alleviate poverty and help those in need
    • Environmental and public health programs to keep our air, water, food, and medicine safe
    • Funding for the arts
    • The nation’s infrastructure
    • And many other quality-of-life programs and services
  • Republican budget policies would devastate America the same way they’ve already devastated the budgets of Kansas, Louisiana, and Wisconsin.
  • Millions of people would lose health insurance, with nothing to replace it.
  • We’d be at war in the Middle East again within months of Republicans taking office, judging by their rhetoric.
  • Medicare would be privatized and radically changed.
  • Any philosophy that would give huge tax cuts to people who are already rich but cut food stamps for people who are desperately poor is immoral.

The contrasts:

  • Democrats, by contrast, will continue the nation’s healthy state of economic progress and stability.
  • For those struggling financially, we will focus our attention not on the rich but on American workers and people in poverty—the people who need attention the most, as Democrats have been doing for a hundred years.
  • Democrats will maintain the high quality of life Americans have come to expect, while continuing to reduce the deficit modestly and responsibly.
  • We will continue to provide affordable health insurance for those who need it most, and millions more will be signing up in the years to come.
  • Democrats will continue a thoughtful and restrained foreign policy—keeping ISIS on the run, while elsewhere pursuing diplomacy before rushing off to other wars.
  • Democrats will protect Medicare and Social Security.
  • We will protect the environment.
  • We will protect social programs like food stamps for people in poverty.
  • We will protect civil rights for everyone, in the spirit of a great nation that cherishes freedom and equality.
  • We will continue to uphold the American ideals of compassion, fairness, and equality for all.


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