The Democrats’ Biggest Challenge

Not to throw a wet blanket on the Democratic National Convention, but this recent Politico article, about how Democrats are losing blue-collar voters to Trump, should give liberals the willies. It should also tell Democrats what their primary message should be at the convention and beyond: that Democrats are the only party of the working class, and we have been for a hundred years. See our previous post for specific ways to do this.

As we show in that post, Democrats must contrast Trump’s mindless generalities by outlining the real, tangible ways Democrats will improve the lives of everyday Americans:

  • tax cuts for the middle class, not the wealthy
  • support for unions, so that people have a voice in the workplace
  • an increase in the minimum wage
  • reduced college tuition
  • affordable child care
  • guaranteed sick pay
  • affordable health care for everyone

Remind voters that they live in the greatest, richest, most powerful country in the world; they have a right to demand a decent quality of life, and they don’t need to be insulted by conservatives telling them they just want to be taken care of by their nannies. Americans want to take care of their families, and they should fight for the benefits that come from living in a 21st-century superpower.

Democrats must also prove the abject failure of the GOP’s trickle-down economics by showing this chart.

Democrats and liberals have an amazing story to tell as the champions of the middle class, working class, and the poor. We must tell that story from now till November.

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