Hallelujah! Democrats Have a Plan to Fix Health Care

Praise be to the political gods! No sooner did The Liberal Message exhort Democrats to stand up and start aggressively laying out an alternative to the Republican agenda, including health care, than we read that 10 House Democrats are proposing ways to fix the Affordable Care Act.

We’re going to humbly take credit for this welcome news, even though we doubt any human being actually read our previous blog post. And we have a couple other points we’d like to make on that subject.

First, Democratic leaders need to embrace these proposals and make this a major publicity campaign. As we pointed out in our previous post, this accomplishes several things:

  • It shows leadership and strength.
  • It emphasizes the gratuitous cruelty of the conservatives’
    unnecessary plan.
  • It embarrasses conservatives, because our plan is simpler, better,
    and more humane.
  • It helps provide a desperately needed identity for the Democratic
    Party by telling voters, “This is what we stand for.”

Second, it would be a shame if Democrats allowed this proposal to founder because some liberals want to focus instead on a single-payer proposal. That’s a long-term debate. The ACA needs fixing right now.

The Democratic message should be that we have a reasonable and far more compassionate way to improve the current law. And we should be shouting that message nationwide, with a focused, coordinated marketing campaign.

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